Telework negotiations take place remotely, and that's a test in itself

The delicate negotiation on telework between unions and employers takes place by videoconference, "trying" for the negotiators, who are struggling to know if they succeed in convincing their peers, the distance depriving them of all the advantages of a face-to-face discussion.face to face, not to mention the technical issues.

"Negotiating is already difficult, but negotiating by videoconference is trying," summarizes Catherine Pinchaut, of the CFDT.Her counterpart from the CGT, Fabrice Angéi, continues: "Video conferencing makes negotiation more difficult, because 'it limits exchanges'.

Only the Medef seems to find its account, Hubert Mongon assuring that the situation "is not so far from the usual meetings".

Individualization of negotiation

Individualization of negotiation

Since November 3, five sessions have been scheduled by unions and employers until November 23, a final meeting that they anticipate "muscular" to try to find a national inter-professional agreement (Ani) more framing teleworking.

All seasoned in interprofessional negotiation, often an arm wrestling where sometimes diametrically opposed positions clash, this time they are disconcerted, remembering with nostalgia the meetings before Covid.

Traditionally hosted in the Parisian premises of Medef, in the 7th arrondissement, trade unions and employers' organizations arrived in delegations."We could be up to 40 people," says Éric Courpotin (CFTC).Nothing to do with the current situation, where “negotiation becomes individual, leaving the negotiator alone in front of his computer,” says Fabrice Angéi.

As close as possible to the agreement - often during the last meeting which ends late at night, or even at dawn - the interruptions of the meeting usually multiply, the opportunity to discuss in the corridors between peers, find points of consensus to unite, call on the central offices, even the ministries or the media… All questioned in unison:

Posted Date: 2021-01-04

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