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HP 364446-001 (Q1567A)


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HP 364446-001 (Q1567A)
HP 364446-001 (Q1567A)

Q1567A: HP Storageworks DAT72x6e tape autoloader external carbon (HP Q1567A) ___________________________________________________________ The HP StorageWorks DAT 72x6 tape autoloader is an ideal backup solution for small to medium companies with limited IT support or remote sites of larger companies. By reducing administrative tasks, the DAT 72x6 not only simplifies the backup process but reduces the risk of error as well. The autoloader includes a single tape drive inside an enclosure that holds six data cartridges in a removable magazine. With the ability to store up to 72 GB per DAT 72 data cartridge, the DAT 72x6 provides a quick, efficient means for reducing workload. The backup administrator simply loads the magazine with a week's worth of data cartridges, and the autoloader takes care of backup for an entire week. The backup schedule can be customized by the backup application to suit the user's needs. The DAT 72x6 comes with HP One-Button Disaster Recovery, providing the ability to restore the system quickly and effortlessly with the touch of a single button, eliminating the need for operating system and software CDs. Additional reliability features include HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools (L&TT) for troubleshooting as well as Tapealert for monitoring the drive and media.

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